How to create a Session in the Sportsbox 3D Golf App

Educational summary of How to create a session | Sportsbox 3DGOLF Mobile:

  • 🏌️ Session Creation: Tap 'Create Session' or the plus sign, select golfer and club, choose camera angle, and start.
  • 🔄 Auto Swing Detection: Automatically enabled for easy capture.
  • 🔍 Adjustments Available: Options for zoom and low light adjustment enhance recording quality.
  • 📊 Analysis: Trim the recorded swing and click 'analyze' for feedback.

Insights based on numbers:

  • The comprehensive guide to creating a session in the Sportsbox 3DGOLF Mobile app is delivered in just 71 seconds, emphasizing the app's user-friendly design and efficient session setup process.

Example exploratory questions:

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