How to adjust zoom in the Sportsbox 3D Golf App

Educational summary of How to adjust zoom | Sportsbox 3DGOLF Mobile:

  • 📏 Zoom Adjustment: In the upper right, click "1x" to switch to "0.5x" for a wider view.
  • 📍 Distance Recommendation: Use half zoom to record from 3 to 6 feet away.

Insights based on numbers:

  • The video quickly demonstrates zoom adjustment within a 19-second clip, making it straightforward for users to optimize their recording setup in different environments.

Example exploratory questions:

  1. How does adjusting the zoom affect the video recording in Sportsbox 3DGOLF Mobile?
  2. What is the optimal recording distance when using half zoom in Sportsbox 3DGOLF Mobile?
  3. Can the zoom be adjusted to more settings than just "0.5x" and "1x" in Sportsbox 3DGOLF Mobile?

Feel free to ask any questions for more details or clarification.