The Webinar from 03.09.2022 Sportsbox AI 3D

This webinar focuses on the intricacies of swing geometry in golf, presented by Jeff Smith, a respected golf pro known as Radar Golf Pro. The session is structured to provide in-depth knowledge on how the movements and geometry of a golf swing affect performance. It starts with a brief introduction by Stephanie Way, co-founder and VP of marketing and communications at Sportsbox, who highlights upcoming events and app feature announcements, emphasizing the integration of 2D drawing tools in their app.

Main Highlights:

  • Introduction to Swing Geometry: Jeff Smith explains swing geometry as the kinematic movements of the body throughout the swing that influence the club's movement through impact. This concept has gained clarity with advancements in 3D measurement technologies, offering precise analyses of the swing.
  • Biomechanics and Sports Biomechanics: The webinar delves into biomechanics, defining it as the study of human motion using principles of math, geometry, physics, engineering, and anatomy. Sports biomechanics aims to optimize technique for improved performance and reduced injury risk.
  • Kinematics vs. Kinetics: A clear distinction is made between kinematics, the study of motion without regard for the forces producing it, and kinetics, which involves the forces and torques that affect motion. This understanding is crucial for analyzing golf swings.
  • Impact of Chest and Pelvis Movements: The discussion emphasizes the importance of chest and pelvis movements, including rotation, side bend (tilt), and sway, in affecting the swing's geometry. Jeff Smith highlights the difference in these movements between high-handicap players, often struggling with a slice, and skilled players, who exhibit more optimized swing patterns.
  • Use of Technology in Coaching: The webinar showcases how modern technologies, like the Sportsbox app, enable coaches to validate improvements and adjustments in a player's swing. These tools provide quantifiable data on swing dynamics, allowing for more precise coaching strategies.

Insights Based on Numbers:

  • High-handicap players tend to have a higher chest sway toward the target early in their transition, leading to less rotation and side bend. This often results in a slice due to the over-the-top hand path movement.
  • Skilled players, like Rory McIlroy, demonstrate an optimal pattern of pelvis sway that outraces the chest early in the transition, facilitating a draw shot with right-to-left ball movement.

Example Exploratory Questions:

  1. How do kinematics and kinetics differ in their application to analyzing a golf swing?
  2. What are the effects of excessive chest sway in high-handicap golfers?
  3. How does technology like the Sportsbox app aid in coaching and improving swing geometry?

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