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Testimonial of The Best Golf Coaches.

Now, we`er teady to change the game once again wiht the new product....
SportsBox 3d AI Studio

"I can really help diagnose swings better and provide feedback on another level that I wasn`t able to before."

-Erika Larkin, Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher

"I think it`s mandatory to be able to, in this day and age..."
-Sean Foley, Golf Digest Top #5 Teacher

"SportsBox has been so valuable to me"
-Chris Mayson, Golf Digest Top 100 Teacher

"This is a GAME CHANGER for indoor centers that want the best of both worlds - in video analysis and 3D motion data"
-Dana Dahlquist, Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher &
Top 100 ranked coach


SportsBox AI

SportsBox AI proudly holds the prestigious title of being the world's number 1 choice when it comes to sports analysis technology. Its versatility is unrivaled, as it seamlessly operates on a range of devices, PC and iPhone users, Android enthusiasts, and iPad devotees alike.

When you engage the camera on your mobile phone or iPad with SportsBox AI, the magic unfolds. The system orchestrates a process that's nothing short of fascinating – it creates a detailed 3D model of your every move and captures vital biomechanical data, all in real time. This isn't merely about analyzing golf swings; it's a holistic understanding of your body's mechanics as they influence your performance.

Puttalyze App

Puttalyze-App simulates the path of a rolling golf ball on a green to help golfers improve their "reading the green" skills by visualizing the concepts of "aim point", "distance point", and "target speed". After entering all relevant parameters, the resulting trajectory is calculated and displayed graphically. The "distance point" and "aim point" are shown, along with the relevant distances, on a result screen. 

This helps golfers understand the physics of a rolling ball on an inclined surface intuitively and teaches them how to aim and adjust their shots based on the slope and other properties of the green, such as green speed.


eCoach 360°

eCoach360°, fueled by the formidable technology of SportsBox.AI, is an unparalleled online coaching program meticulously designed to transform your golf training experience. It doesn't just provide golf coaching; it revolutionizes the way you approach the sport.

At its core, eCoach360° is your personalized golf mentor. It's a sophisticated platform that adapts to your goals and fine-tunes your training based on your unique needs. 

Golf isn't a one-size-fits-all sport, and neither should your training be. With eCoach360°, you're not merely following a set curriculum; you're on a journey tailored to your ambitions and requirements.

SportsBox AI App


SportsBox AI Studio

Puttalyze App


SportBox 3d AI Studio

SportsBox 3d AI Studio stands at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, securing its position as the global leader in its category. Designed to elevate your sports performance, particularly in the realm of golf.  

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eCoach360°, empowered by the cutting-edge technology of SportsBox.AI, is a revolutionary online coaching program designed to revolutionize your golf training experience.  

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Puttalyze App

The Puttalyze App is a sophisticated and innovative tool designed to take your golf game to the next level, particularly when it comes to "reading the green"  

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